Cartagena Live


During the Civil war, Cartagena was one of the cities most punished by the aerial bombardments carried out by the franquist airforces. In order to protect the civilian population, a series of civil war air raid shelters were constructed across the City. The shelters of Calle Gisbert were excavated into the side of the Cerro de la Concepción, ( the hill of Concepción) being one of the largest in the City, capable of holding more than 5,500 people.

Today, these refuges have been converted into a museum, submerging the visitor in the diverse aspects of the Civil war,  such as the construction of the refuges themselves and their unique characteristics, problems of food shortages, and the subsequent issuing of ration cards, education, leisure activities, and the necessity to defend the population( passive defence) , as well as formulating a military response ( active defence.)

The exhibition culminates with original images of the war, extracted from the National Spanish Archive, from Catalan archives and those of the Region of Murcia, concluding with  a homage to peace as an essential element and core value of living.


37º 36' 0,78 Norte, 0º 58' 50,58 Oeste

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