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This is located between Punta Negra and Punta Aguilica, very close to the commercial fishing and sporting port of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, at a distance of 17.3 nautical miles from the sporting marina of Mazarrón.

In the middle of the creek a dock for small vessels has been constructed, formed by an L-shaped pier and a contra-dike which leaves a harbour mouth of about 50 metres, orientated to the West.( D. 8-67).

This is a very sheltered port, due to the dike and counter-dike, as well as the protection afforded by the commercial port.

The mountain of la Aguilica is a rocky promontory, overlooking the sea, at the extreme western end of which is an outcrop, shaped in the form of an eagle's beak, known locally as El Aguilucho.


37º 24' 03" N, 01º 34' 08" W (D. 8-67).

Further Information: www.cnaguilas.com